• The Monte Carlo

    The Monte Carlo Dual Entry Steps with Rectangle Pool Shape Are you tired of the work day monotony and looking for an escape? Don't spend all of your money on an exotic vacation that lasts only a ...

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    The Monte Carlo
  • The Marathon

    The Marathon Our Rectangular Lap Swimming Pool Imagine putting on your bathing suit, grabbing a pair of goggles and throwing in some laps before going into the office. The morning is nice and ...

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    The Marathon
  • The Manatee

    The Manatee Large Kidney Shape with Modest Deep End Ladies and gentlemen, please turn your eyes to follow the attractive curves of the Manatee pool! This fiberglass pool is part of our Kidney ...

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    The Manatee
  • The Luxor Shallow

    The Luxor Shallow The Luxor "Shallow" End Pool We're excited to bring you the beautiful & renowned Luxor Shallow End swimming pool! This radiant fiberglass swimming pool is a sister of our ...

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    The Luxor Shallow
  • The Sea Isle

    The Sea Isle Tiny Rectangular Pool If you're looking for a simple, straight forward swimming pool - the Sea Isle is just the ticket! This fiberglass swimming pool features radius corners, a flat ...

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    The Sea Isle
  • The Grand Manhattan

    The Grand Manhattan Rectangle Shape with Elongated Bench At San Juan Pools, we are believers in spicing up our designs to make them more enjoyable with increased functionality! The Grand Manhattan ...

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    The Grand Manhattan

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